Cyd Charisse progress

Cyd Charisse progress

From left to right: finished belt, a finished skirt panel, and two skirt panels in various stages of completion.

It's the green dress she wears in the movie "Singin' in the Rain", here:

The dress involves about 34 beaded and sequined panels. Needless to say I was beading every moment I could get, mostly while watching Turner Classic Movies (appropriately, I think).

The 3mm sequins I got were a bit too transparent so I layered opaque metallic 2.5mm ones underneath.

Cyd Charisse
Singin' in the Rain
Cyd Charisse
Cyd Charisse
9 years ago

The Boss I don't know the character, but it looks awesome! that's a LOT of work. and its very well done! great job!

Meanlilkitty Amazing, keep up the hard work! Dearly departed, she was my favorite in the movie, so perfectly sinful with insane control and ability. I'm so glad to see someone cosplaying her! Keep up the good work, it looks great so far!

Jantra Absolutely amazing. How do you DO beading like that?? All by hand?

Wenora Your work has always been superb! I have no doubts that it will turn out amazing. Now all you got to do is dance with your Gene Kelly :D (J/K)

Kiwi Delight Looks amazing so far! Good luck with all the beading.

rankin24 Cyd Charisse! My God woman, can you get any more awesome?! Wait.. her from Singing in the Rain?!?! You just did. I figured that's what it was as soon as I saw her name on the photo, I absolutely cannot wait to see this done! You'd better be smoking a bitch stick :D

princemercury1 This is amazingly done!! It must of took a LOT of time and patiences to get this far. *_*

nessabutterfly Wow-- that beading is AMAZING!