Hard Edge Size Comparison

Hard Edge Size Comparison

Size was determined by scaling the Play Arts Hard Edge and Play Arts Cloud action figure with the known height of Cloud.

Cloud Strife
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Cloud Strife
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7 years ago

Kaze Piper How tall is the Hardedge? it looks like its about 4' or so, that about right? Also absolutely phenomenal work

2DLogic Hardedge is 49.5" from end of hilt to tip of the blade. The blade is .5" wide, the hilt guard is 1.5" wide. Its a simple design; for strength, the silhouette of the sword was cut from a single board and two small silhouettes of the hilt guard were cut from the same board and sandwiched on top of the sword silhouette to form the guard. The small rings at the base of the hilt were cut from PVC pipe, the hilt then had a dowel split in half and attached to the sides. "Hammered" Gunmetal Grey paint with silver air-brush dusting is how it was painted, which can be seen in other pictures. My girlfriend, member Pink_Panda, painted the kanji on the length of the blade. Thanks for the compliment. :)