Another game, another death...

Another game, another death...

Another lovely photo from the Shattered Memories shoot that I did along with Avianna, Leesers, Solstice_Wind, Miri and Ammie at Youmacon last year. Elemental did a fantastic job at capturing the essence of Shattered Memories in her shoot photos! The couch we found in one of the lobbies of the con hotel worked freakishly well for the couch in Lisa's apartment. (^^)

Lisa Garland
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Lisa Garland
Lisa - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
8 years ago

Quina LOL I can't believe it was already last year!!! Anywho, fantastic picture as usual. I think you are especially good at capturing Lisa's expressions; she has an angelic quality to her for sure, but it is also pained and your poses mimic that perfectly. Looking forward to more shots as always :3