Gene's Caster Gun

Gene's Caster Gun

Oh yeah, after months of procrastination of just needing to put together, its finished in time for Day 1 of ALA this Friday! now I'm a Gene Starwind with his Caster Gun! I also made the Caster Shells, too.

Now, its gonna sound..ghetto. I used the following:
Brown and grey acrylic paint
Red fabric paint
Paper rolls
PVC pipe
Nozzle of a Windex spray bottle
Those suckers you put that attaches to glass

Yeaaah all the stuff was found at a Michael's in a single trip. ^_^; Despite it sounds bootleg, its very sturdy and really in good shape. Can even pull out the back to put in the Shells, too!

Gene Starwind
Outlaw Star
Gene Starwind
Gene Starwind
9 years ago

Inoli LOL well you certainly did a great job! saw the thumb nail and though "That.... that's gotta be a caster" YEP! what an awesome job so far! Can't wait to see your Gene Finished! hurray for Outlaw Star!