Between the borders

Between the borders

A nice shot taken by Kyle Mistry at Youmacon 2010. All I can remember about this part of the shoot was being freezing cold and trying super hard not to let my skirt fly up while the photos were being taken (hence why my pose is a bit wonky). XD The cold wind had a nice effect on our wigs in the photo. The reason for the title of this photo is because we were in the States, but right across the water was Canada. :3

Ammie is the lovely Eternal Sailor Pluto and I'm Cosplaying as Eternal Sailor Saturn. My costume was made by Ammie who is amazingly talented and is a whiz at making Sailor Scout costumes. (^^) It was a blast Cosplaying with her again and I look forward to the full Eternal Sailor Scout group Ammie is organizing for next Fan Expo. It's a dream of Ammie's to have a full group and I'm really happy to be part of making her dream a reality. :3

Eternal Sailor Pluto & Eternal Sailor Saturn
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Eternal Sailor Saturn
Eternal Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
7 years ago

yaoiXlife nice shot

Narga Beautiful Sailors!