The badassery of custom shoes.

The badassery of custom shoes.

One of my favorite parts about ayareinami*YAY* and lulubird's flight suits has always been the shoes. I really loved watching them make the bottom pieces in the shoes because they are crazy accurate and look really interesting looking. To top it off, the shoes even make suction cup sounds when you walk which is just entirely too much fun! They have held up so well over the years and are basically still in perfect condition even after wearing them in public, it's really amazing. lulubird and lionel thought it would be cool to get a shot that shows off the bottom of the shoes and I totally agree. My derpy face isnt too cool, but I do like how the black marble matches the pleather parts of the costumes while the wall is close to the micro-suede body parts.

Costumes made by ayareinami*YAY* and lulubird. They styled the wig for me to wear as well, and ayareinami*YAY* did my makeup. Many thanks for letting me borrow Alister!
lulubird is wearing Tatiana

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Picture by Lionboogy @ AUSA 2010.

Alister Agrew
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Alister Agrew
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8 years ago

Akichan1010 SO FANTASTIC!

CreativeGuy Badass shoes? The whole of both costumes is completely badass!

rinny_san OMG I really love it! It is part of cosplay planning, but I consider I'm not skilled enough for the moment to do it! *It's very nice!