By the water

By the water

I'm quite partial to this shot taken by Kyle Mistry of Ammie and me in front of an outdoor water fountain during Youmacon 2010. I was a little surprised that the fountain was still working considering it was very cold that day and summer had long since passed. Thank goodness it was working, because it was a great shoot setting. :3

Ammie is a stunning Eternal Sailor Pluto. My Eternal Sailor Saturn costume was made by her and I borrowed her amazing Silence Glaive at the con. It was fun Cosplaying from Sailor Moon with her again. :3

Eternal Sailor Pluto & Eternal Sailor Saturn
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Eternal Sailor Saturn
Eternal Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
8 years ago

CreativeGuy Awesome

Vilya0 I remember seeing you at Anime North, though not with these exactly! The costumes look so clean and gorgeously made, and you both look stunning!

carladawn You guys look fantastic

Katie DANG, you guys look exactly like the characters! So accurate! <3

SailorAnime Both of your costumes look spot on!

Ammie Best Saturn EVER!!!!! *___________________*

Pan-Chan Best Pluto & Saturn EVER!!!!! *___________________*

mviolet Hey, thank you for such a nice comment! Funnily, I was watching through your photos only a couple of days ago and thought that you make the cutest & most amazing Saturn. So beautiful...!!!! *___*