FF7/Sailor Moon Crossover

FF7/Sailor Moon Crossover

This was the group I was in for Katsucon. I'm the Queen Sephiroth on the far right. I am also happy because duct tape and spirit gum held the front and didn't cause me to flash everyone XD But it was a nice group to be in. Everyone was mighty cool.

Everyone must bow before the allmight Faithsdemon! She did all these outfits! <3 to her always!

This photo is from fansview.com.

Sailor Cloud, Sailor Red XIII, Sailor Vincent, Sailor Barret, Sailor Vincent, Tuxedo Aeris, Queen Sephiroth
13 years ago

Katze ..the wonder of that crossover and act.. X3 ^^

arisuchan you guys were hysterical. It was too bad we couldn't hear the audio backstage but even with out the sound my whole group was laughing!

Neko_Kaolla That is just wrong... but OH SO FUNNY! *dies laughing* You guys just made my night.

pssailormoon That is great! I want to see more!!!

Rinkun Thanks! The skit was pretty fun. I loved your &quot;Popular&quot; skit Arisuchan! You guys deserved the awards! Hopefully the Deathcom video will come out soon and we can all see it XD

serenity086 Lmao! This pic is soo funny. Great crossover costumes^_^

neoangelwink i joy that ^_^