Keeping the city safe

Keeping the city safe

A really lovely shot of Ammie and me taken by Kyle Mistry during a shoot at Youmacon 2010. We managed to stay outside for 10 or so minutes before we had to go back inside because we were freezing. XD The shots that turned out well of our quick outdoor shoot, turned out really well.

Ammie looks so fantastic as Sailor Pluto. I look for reasons to request that she Cosplay as Pluto so I was excited when she agreed to my suggestion that we Cosplay the scouts together at Youma. That gave me a chance to fangirl her and it was an opportunity for her to debut her new Eternal Sailor Pluto costume . :3

My fuku and all of my accessories were made by Ammie. Her work is outstanding. I could have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to make a fuku of my own, but what was the point when I know someone that has the art of making fukus down to a science and I could commission her to make it for me? XD I just love the purple fabrics she found for the costume. It was so much fun Cosplaying as Eternal Sailor Saturn with her and I can't wait to re-wear this costume to be part of a full group at Fan Expo next year. :3

Eternal Sailor Pluto & Eternal Sailor Saturn
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Eternal Sailor Saturn
Eternal Sailor Saturn - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
8 years ago

ArtumeMoon Beautiful!

CreativeGuy Totally rocking those Sailor Moon costumes. Amazing stuff!

Ammie Best Saturn EVER!!!!!!!! You are drop dead gorgeous as Saturn, oh my, you are sooo perfect for Hotaru it's not even funny :)

rinature You two looked amazing and it was wonderful being able to meet you at the shoot ^^

Yama-chan You both look really amazing!!

kowaipanda This is such a fantastic shot!!!

Straywind Thanks everyone! I can't take really any credit for this costume, but I can't thank Ammie enough for her wonderful work on it and Kyle for taking such beautiful pictures. It was a very cold, but memorable shoot. :3