Do you ever wonder...

Do you ever wonder...

I'm seriously starting to wonder if either A) I have Alzheimers or B) There is a ghost who deletes photos off of my account. I could have sworn I uploaded this picture, but it seems as though I didn't. Well, no's yet another picture from the Morton Arboretum shoot that took place almost exactly two years ago at this point, lol. I've since begun reworking parts of this costume, so hopefully it rears it's beaded head again at a convention sometime in the near future.

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
8 years ago

HimeZelda I ALWAYS LOVE YOUR ZELDA, It's one of my favorites! So beautiful =D

AanZku Wow... that armor looks amazing! :O

NiGHTmaren I'll always be so glad I got to see this in person, it's truly an amazing costume. And I remember going to the Morton Arboretum when I was a kid, I love that place.

XingCai Your costume looks amazing!! My favorite Zelda!

SunakoO amazing!! *0*

Zoroko ooo ooo~ you have plans to wear it again? We should motivate each other somehow lol c: eeee~

Earthychan Oh my gosh! I Love your Zelda costume! I can not wait to finish mine.

Hiyoko-chan I want to see you wear this again Jaquii!! It is soooo stunning to see all that beading work! :D

Earthychan Where did you buy your wig??

sakuraflame great job!

SpiritNoctem Great Zelda, fantastic detailing!