The Darkness Grows

The Darkness Grows

A sneak peak of my Black Lantern Donna Troy costume, we had a Black Lantern group for the 2010 Toronto Zombie Walk. The walk was awesome fun and we were mistaken for zombies from the future, tron zombies as well as Kiss... fair enough XD

Since I wanted to play with a bit more 'gore' zombie makeup I decided to make Robert's bite which turns Donna into a Black Lantern, I'm actually really happy with how my makeup turned out.

Black Lantern Donna Troy
DC Comics
Black Lantern Donna Troy
Donna Troy
9 years ago

mr-kobayashi Really geat idea! Nice group, and you look awesome!

Angathol Monochrome colour schemes suit you really well. : )

PsychoLove You rock so hard!!

Mizerous zombie hot

vampirelover WOW amazing workmanship! You desrve 100! or even more.

puebloboy I really love the look, especially those contacts. Those are crazy!