Taken at the Toronto Zombie walk 2010, we had a Black Lantern Group for the walk it was awesome fun. We were mistaken for zombies from the future, tron zombies as well as Kiss... fair enough XD

I'm still surprised I managed to finish Donna in time, my boyfriend is in the corner of the photo as Aquaman with his partially finished scale male. Scion was unable to finnish Wonder Woman in time so brutalized her Zatanna costume. Hopefully we can get a finnished full group shot soon ^_^

Makeup on Donna Troy and Aquaman is by me. I decided to recreate Robert's bite, which turns Donna into a BL. I wanted my makeup to be a bit more zombie gore for the walk...
photo by: Sai-Kit Chu

Black Lantern Donna Troy
DC Comics
Black Lantern Donna Troy
Donna Troy
9 years ago

hentaigirl82 Blackest Night yay!! You all look amazing.

Earthychan You guys are awsome! I wish I could have seen you in person! I love your eyes!!

deshwitat helll yeah, you guys are awsome