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My photographer is amazing

WOW. A showcase photo?! * A* That has been my dream since I started cosplaying. Thank you very much everyone for the lovely comments! And thank you for the Showcase! /heart!

Aerith Gainsborough
Final Fantasy VII
Aerith Gainsborough
Aeris Gainsborough
8 years ago

shortsheik Oh, wow! Was this really taken underwater?? The effect is amazing, but I'd be so worried about ruining the costume.

MugetsuHime This is an awesome shot!

Paper_Moon amazing O_O

amariel Very impressive.

Je'o Gorgeous......! amazing shot

Xenteros This is A~MA~ZING~!~!~!

kiratsukai It's really refreshing to see a creative, in-character shot that isn't photoshopped to hell :) Props to you and your photographer.

Nodoka Wow amazing shot!

Raffi Amaizing O__O I love it <3 this one really deservs showcase!

Jia Jem Aeris cosplay has been done to death (spoiler: pun) but it's inspiring to see such a thoughtful, interesting, and new concept for her.

ravenmist What Jia said. It is nice not to see the same Aeris "death" shot over and over. What a gorgeous picture. You and your photographer did an amazing job!

Truest_Strike The next level has been reached! Great shot.

Raffi Yeeey congrats ^^

toeskater91 Absolutly stunning

Hillasaur beautiful

Ilta-Aurinko Ooh, how beautiful! :O

Tazzy_ If ever there was a refreshing cosplay photograph, this might be it. Three cheers for being so brave and looking so good!

waffo That's so cool! Great picture!

Ninnu-chan Wow, this is awesome! *___*

Blood_Sword This is a really original approach to a photo. Love the fact that it's underwater, really cool! *__*

Kya amazing shot! **

Merodi Love it!

Lucifer Beautiful photo!

songbirdblues Beautiful photo!

B-Shira WOW! but... Aerith T~T

Kitsoru Oh, wow! Where was this taken? Such a great shot! Congrats on the showcase!

Zack_Fair_2002 Oh Aeris you look so gorgeous :). Great shot. Love the concept. Props to you and your photog

Angathol When I saw this earlier today I thought to myself, "in before showcase." Congrats!

ShiNo_Usagi Wow! I am spazzing that this got a showcase! We need to work together more often =D

nessabutterfly Wow-- showcase. Great job and congrats to both of you. This came out gorgeous! Now I'm sad I had to miss that photoshoot :(

NiGHTmaren I love this shot, it displays such a calm emotion, and a sadness at the same time. Beth is a very talented photographer!

hanamaru Congrats on the showcase! You are such a lovely Aeris!

ForeverGoneAndy Oh my....that's gorgeous, awesome shot and beautiful cosplay!!! =D

Hooded Woman Well worth the showcase, this photo turned out amazing I can't say that enough. You're such a lovely Aeris too...amazing job!

gbright1 This is the hardest core pic of her ever. A well deserved showcase for an amazing photo. Bonus poinst for whoever thought of the shot and where it could be done.

Animegeek86 Two words: Totally Amazing.

AngelStarAvalon Amazing. How did you manage to get an underwater shot though? Wouldn't the camera get ruined?

Ely This photo is speachless, an amazing shot!!

tifaia Wonderful job with the costume and the pose. All though it's suppose to represent a sad moment in the game, your expression is so serene that it looks natural. Congrats on the showcase! I don't believe I've ever seen a picture get showcased on the same day it was posted. XD

Lady Saea I love everything about this picture. ^__^

Thumbalina This is just.... no words can describe it's amazingness! Congrats on the showcase ^^

Kakera&#12398;Tsuki Whoa, so cool~! Awesome idea, it's a beautiful photo~ =) =)

Narnian Amazing photo!!!!! It fits the character do well!!!!!

Assiduity This is amazing! *o* And grats on the showcase! I really want to get better D: XD;

BellaVoce4 I'M SO PROUD OF YOU GURLLLL !!!!! <3

Koibito_XY I saw it on DA, amazing picture

myzkyti Your photographer /is/ amazing, but so are you! Kudos to both of you on such a great concept and a great shot :3

Bunnjamin aweso-aweso-awesome! mlar latrix

MDA This is a gorgeous photo! What makes it even better is that your face is relaxed :) Congrats on the showcase!

Hopie YOU GOT A SHOWCASE!!!! HOORAY! I'm so happy for you, I've already told you a million times how much I love this. :)