let's dream, once again

let's dream, once again
@DreaM HunteR

me as sakura
photo by mistlel - mistlel.deviantart.com

Sakura hime
Shattered Kingdom
8 years ago

rie_rhuu pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy If just my Sakura like this *0*

Relena989 Beautiful!!

zuum Very beautiful picture. O__O I love that your face is so relaxed! ^_^

Winter's Dream Beautiful! *_*

Ninnu-chan Fantastic shot!!

stav Gorgous photo!*.*

MugetsuHime Beautiful.

PsychoLove This shot just made me squeal :D

inochi lol, oczka Ci się tu skośnily xDD

Sakuri beautiful photo!! ^^

SakuraxTsubasa I LOVE this picture. The movement looks wonderful, and the setting is perfect.

Jubei-chan This is a fabulous picture that features a beautiful costume. So wonderful that Sakura is framed from above in flowing gauzy white above, and the debris of bricks below and surrounding. Its a great play on hard and soft. Wonderful setting for the series.

Blood_Sword This photo is cool, I like the movement and how graceful it is. The location is very nice too.

qualeshia3 Sakura-hime, you look so beautiful and graceful. I love the setting and pretty much everything else. Truly beautiful.

ffviki The expression and setting in this are absolutely perfect @[email protected]

CianFionn I totally favorited this on deviantart a few months back and had no idea it was you! Wonderful job!

SuzuStarlight Whoa, gorgeous! I love how you look energetic and calm at the same time, it's really a fascinating shot <3

allycat6247 Beautiful!