A little bit of Midgar

A little bit of Midgar

Me and a whole bunch of friends had a really enjoyable photoshoot and this is one of the results, with more to come. A friend found this great piece of scenery which somewhat resembles Midgar. Ruins! Yay!

The quality is bit poor with the low resolution requirement on this site, but I still really like it and the high resolution picture is even better. I'll see if I can up the quality on this low resolution picture somehow..

Photography by avrasil.deviantart.com, editing by him and his girlfriend Linis.

Vincent Valentine
Final Fantasy VII
Vincent Valentine
9 years ago

Lady Muramasa Awesome Vincent. I love scouting out locations for photo shoots. Location for Midgar couldn't have been any better.

Meruz Wow, really good choice of scenery - could not have represented it any better! I'd love to see more photos of your Vincent, you've done an outstanding job bringing him to life!! Everything looks so well made. ^^