Subject Zero

Subject Zero

Jia Jem as Jack (Subject Zero) from Mass Effect 2.

Jack (Subject Zero)
Mass Effect
Jack - Mass Effect 2
9 years ago

ravenmist Awesome! I saw the thumbnail and knew it was hers. Love it! And great shot, too!

<3OTAKU<3 WOW!!! THIS IS SOOOOOO AWSOME!!!!!! it took me a while to realize she had a shirt on! I thought it was real tatoos ,and then i thought "where are her boobs??!!!!"

Jkchan Wow, it looks like you jumped right out from the game! Amazing, the details, the fabrics, the... everything!

sephygoth Perfect, like everything she does, I reserve rights to be jealous!

hmwsg x zomg.

HezaChan So awesome. Pardon me while I sit and stare.

ammnra Fantabulous! Now who's posting near screenshots?

Angeal epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic!epic! thats soooo awesome

soren7550 Nice. 8) I hope my Joanna Dark costume comes out at least half as good as this.

Cyrennia Wow O_O

Shiloh excellent job!

trekkieb47 Amazing, perfect!

Sakara Absolutly incredible!!!! i especially love the boots!

Vaulter85 Totally awesome!