A new Cerberus (DOC inspired)

A new Cerberus (DOC inspired)

The colours are a bit poor and the silver reflects a bit too much light here, but it shows most of the details. The silver really is a bit darker than it looks here :P

My old Cerberus was very poor and crude, but this one.. I'm pretty pleased. There are some things to improve, especially the trigger and the guard around it. The reason being that both were lost mid convent and hastily repaired midnight between day 2 and 3 at the convent Meuwcon. Other than that I'm happy with the result. I just love making props, even considered making some as a commisioner but not yet decided. Have so many plans on my own that I really want to finish.

I've made a guide in my blog on how I actually made this gun. I've made so many mistakes when I've done props and used materials which are highly impractical. Imagination is the key, so the guide I made is very general when it comes to prop and can be adjusted to just about any prop weapon with few additions.

Here is the step-by-step guide I made:

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9 years ago

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