PIMP Legolas

PIMP Legolas
@Sailor Kikyo

Becos, we all knew, that Legolas was a pimp.

Legolas, Yuna, Rikku
15 years ago

summoner_eilidh haha!! pwned XD

Michelle Sohma I want to hear Legolas sing "Big Pimpin'" Ahaha.

Syphnian lol that's sooo funny cause I made sure to put my Leggy figure right next to my Buffy and Willow figures. Now if only I had an action figure of myself....

Firestar Omg, from the small pix of it in the member gallery pixs thing, it looked like they were really cosplaying & i was like OMG THTS AMAZING!!! Haha. But, I have those figures to, cept the guy (which i 4get his name) but I have paine too.

Lady_Selphie Lol Pimpin... o.O rikku should watch it with those blades of hers... lol

L to the 3rd HAHAHA OMGz! XD