Jack - tattoo arms

Jack - tattoo arms
@Jia Jem

Jack is pretty much topless and covered in tattoos. I thought this would be a challenging project, considering I've never done extensive painting on a cosplay before.

I drafted a bodysuit, and used it as a pattern so I could cut the pieces and paint it flat instead of try to paint it on a mannequin or a model who doesn't have time to stand around for hours. I pinned the fabric to a piece of insulation foam to keep it taught, and traced her tattoos onto it.

Much, MUCH thanks to C.c member JXIII for his priceless images of her tattoos - it saved me so much time when figuring out what was going on! I just blew up his images to the correct size, printed it out, taped it together, and traced it with Sakura Micron pens. The scars are done with flesh colored puffy paint (painted on, not just straight from the tube) and painted to match the reference.

Mass Effect
8 years ago

Kaitou_voler Wow...that's so cool!

Tatterhood sweet!

fightstar I always knew you where cleaver, but DANG GRRRLL!!

Trillian-Z Awesome! I'm excited to see how this is going to turn out

hmwsg x okay, this is insane. I seriously thought you posted JXIII's screenshot. Your costume is going to be so much win!

Liquidfire3 OMG, pleeeeease tell me you are wearing this to GenCON!!!! :DDD

HezaChan flippin AMAZING!! I can't wait to see this done. YOU ARE A GOD

Dust Bunny Wow, these look awesome. I'm really interested in how this will turn out.

Iloon Howly crap!! Really nice job, looks so realistic! Must have taken for ever *.*

Shinigami Walter thats interesting, the left arm looks like Sheppard's skeleton from the opening badass work