Queen Beryl accessories

Queen Beryl accessories

Took a pic to see how Beryl looks on my head. Threw in the Aura wig because Beryl does not wear a bandanna and/or hat, neh? I already know how the arm and wrist band looks...need to spruce them up a bit.

Queen Beryl
Sailor Moon
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13 years ago

Missy ysy! looks so pretty!

avskull cool, what did you use to put the parts together

Rinkun Missy - Thanks! Though the wig is a bit messy looking. Needs a nice combing avskull - I used Crayola Model Magic (for everything), rubber foam craft (for the choker, arm band and wrist band) and lots of hot glue and acryllic. XD I temporarily put the head band up by electric tape, but I have spirit gum on me that I'm going to use. (sorry, I tend to talk a lot XD)