Queen Elfaria

Queen Elfaria

I loved being in this costume so much.

The costume was hard work, but totally worth it in the end.

Queen Elfaria
Odin Sphere
Queen Elfaria
Odin Sphere
8 years ago

EndlessNights Aww, you look so beautiful! A wonderful picture <3

Valkidea WoWWW amazing cosplay

Schattenflamme awesome. it's beautiful ^^

Sakura_CC Yay! Odin Sphere love! You are gorgeous as Elfaria :)

Alannaphrat excellent^^

chibiplum You look amazing~! And the wings look like they were a lot of hard work.

Sheik Chan Yeah Kay-chan, you really do look amazing. I'm so happy that you did this costume. =) Your hard work paid off.

Crystalike I LOVED your group! You make a perfect Elfaria, I can't get over how your wings and the shoulder poofs are so perfect!

vampirechildv-v Thank you all sooo much! I cant believe so many people liked it, it makes me feel a lot better about how much work it was. XD I'm super happy!!!!

+.-.uzuki.-.+ gorgeous---esp the wings and flowers!

stuntdog63 Gorgeous. Magnificent job.

kalasnacks This is a beautiful picture and costume!

Iloon Wonderful, I love your prop and the wings!