Group Shot

Group Shot
@Mahato Shey-Kun

We didn't have too many group shots surprisingly that turned out good. This one looks a little awkward, but whatever!
Koria as Anthy
Shideneyu as Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Akio Ohtori
Utena 2010
8 years ago

shinitama Nice! It reminds me of the artbook pictures. :)

Geni WOW! This is amazing!!! <3 You are such a great group *O* Better than the original!

rinny_san great picture

CosplayerGabi Beautifully done and so rare to have a good Dios too.

Simakai Gorgeous trio, you all look amazing!

PaUUzuMaKi Beautiful shot!!!! I love IT!!!

Shiloh good work with the cosplay, and group shot! they all look great.

Salmissra love the positioning in this shot ^^ you guys look great~

TigerDRena this is rly an amazing photo! great cosplays

Llarian Yeah, my first thought was immediately 'oh, the artbook, yay~!' Fantastic job~

carrottopgeisha I adore this!!!