Yuna's Earring

Yuna's Earring

I was just comissioned to make Yuna's earring. So I used some paint, sculpty and beads and VIOLA! Otherwise I don't know jack about Yuna. *L*

Final Fantasy X
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14 years ago

Princess_Garnet Prettiest Yuna earring I've ever seen. It's so beautiful, amazing job.

Lodi You did an awesome job on it, CinsAngel! *wild applause*

MemoriesofYuna ohh nice painting! WOW it turned out VERY nice! ESPECIALLY for someone who doesnt "know jakc about yuna" XD. wow i really love it ^^ it has a mellow feeling rather then alot of the large globs of paint and wire ive seen before! =D *hopes her own turns out nice* -Aseret Yuna

xfallenangelx Very pretty! I haven't seen you online since the picnic last year! ~Anji

Elsch WOW! °-° This came out to pretty! Very elegant looking. <3 Great work.

BlueLady oh you finished it already! Excellent job~ Im sure your customer will love it!

adachi_momo WAAAHHHH!!!! ^^ I cannot thank you enough for making this for me!!! If I see you at comic con, I'm glomping you. No doubt. =D Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! *huggles*

dressdragn great details! ~Anna