The claws

The claws

I love the claws I made though I wish they were more useful. If anyone know how Vincent reloads his threebarreled gun (18 rounds atleast) in less than half an hour, please let me know.

The bracer lost a bit of it's shine after standing in the rain for an hour or so.. It seems that the color was not as waterproof as I thought. Trial and error. I will be remaking the plate on the back of the hand too as it's inaccurate. Other than that I'm really pleased with it!

Vincent Valentine
Final Fantasy VII
Vincent Valentine
9 years ago

Kamokuu You made this yourself? It looks wonderful! great work! Your Vincent is awesome. ^_^

Earthychan Those are freaken awsome!

RoxyDirKaoru O.O You have MAD SKILLZ!

lisaspieces That's a great metallic. What paint did you use?

Dechimidaru what was the claw made out of?

PsychoLove Hell yes!! So beautiful!

Javakat343 SO REAL!

silent_dreaming This is really beautiful! ^^ Excellent work!

skaterpunk Very good work!

vickitm sick!!! thats awesome! im in the process of making this and gun.