A little preview of my newest costume until I get more photos in from SakuraCon. This one's my baby, I've been working on it all year, although it decided to fail spectacularly during the con (pretty much every part that could break did haha). I plan to fix several things, namely the inaccurate hair and the corset front that kept opening up, but that will have to wait until AX.

Awesome shot by KyleMistry on Flickr.

Lilith Sahl (Thores Artbook Version)
Trinity Blood
Lilith Sahl
Lilith Sahl
8 years ago

lutea oh wow. pure epicness XD

Kyte27 *jawdrop* too amazing for words....

Thearah O_O

Chibatsu OMG this is AMAZING! I can't wait to see it when it's complete~

Lilian Wonderful wings and he just gorgeous cosplayer*_*

Crystalike oh my god. this is perfect!! o.o

Rogue-dono So stunning and gorgeous. O.o

Fashwiing Oh don't worry, Trinity Blood breaks ALL THE TIME. It's made for rebuilding what with all that fiddly stuff. But I am so glad I got to look at this semi up-close, because this is an absolutely beautiful costume.

Viveeh That's epic.

Inoli Every single one of my friends that have done Lilith have had the worst time keeping the corset closed so you are not alone! TB costumes, no matter how hard to try sometimes will always need a last second fiddily fix =\ its the pits! Exspeshaly when you work SO Danged hard on them arngh! I feel your pain! you look SPLENDED! You're right as the hair needs a *little* tweaking but from my recollection not much so dont be hard on yourself! Everything else...well it looks like you just walked right out of untold stories VIII! Incredible job!

Rynn I was happy to be able to see your Peach costume up close but I'm sad I missed you in this - everything looks incredible! It's obvious you put a lot of work into this costume and it really paid off!

~Vertigo~ Positively stunning. Words can not express!

*E_S_M* OMG!!! so awesome o_o!!!

Hopie Just... wow. This is gorgeous!

juujuu_pop Thats just epic! Your costumes are beautiful!

danayoki Deserves. A. Freaking. SHOWCASE.

Lycorisa wow...this is so amazing.. so stunningly beautiful *-*!

B.o.H. Beautiful costume!!

Rock nam Lee Super beautiful! : D Wonderful dresssssss!!!

Iaina Estrela Love the wigs, how did you made the structure?

Gwenx Omg.. I don't have words for that *o*

leahhime this costume is amazing, you did a fantastic job!