Vincent and Cloud again!?

Vincent and Cloud again!?

Another picture of me as Vincent and my brother as Cloud. I'll have to see if I can find a picture where I've still got the holster, Cerberus and the plated boots still on..

I'm really happy with the way the "capelet" came out, the bracers and gloves/claws on left and right hand worked really well too.

Vincent Valentine
Final Fantasy VII
Vincent Valentine
9 years ago

Anathiell WoooooooooooooooW this photo is so coooool! I honestly love you both guys ^^ and Vincento has such an expression in his eyes. Omg! Great Job, great cosplay, wish I could see ya live ^^

Siriania I saw you and you brother! I really loved this cosplay. Completely gorgeous done and lovely to see live.

zaphyro o_o you two look awesome *-*

animateddoll Your Vincent Cosplay is great! The claw is soo awersome, how did you make it?? Also, have you ever cosplayed Allen Walker? Because I think i've seen a photo of you before o_o