Capelet again

Capelet again

I apologize for the extremely bad lighting and color.. My camera is just not very good. But atleast it shows some of the capelet.

This time the belts are added. This is infact one of the first pieces of clothing I have ever made and sewn myself. And the first pattern I've created myself (is drafting the term?). I created the pattern by taking and old sheet and with needles and a couple of stitches by hand to see if it works. The belts look like they are all messed up and not centered but when wearing it it looks alright, again.. REALLY try it on and THEN mark the places for belts. Just planning this took countless hours, it looks so easy but is rather challenging for a first-timer...

I might remake this and the cloak if I find a bit more deeper red. Darker and a liiiiiiiiiittle bit towards blue. But it will do for now.

Vincent Valentine
Final Fantasy VII
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine craft process
9 years ago
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