Our WCS 2010 costumes, Sima Yi (1st costume) & Nu Wa (4th costume) from Dynasty Warriors!
We got qualifyed for the final round in Brazil! wish us luck :3

i'm so happy and proud with these!
My sister looks so beautifull as Nu Wa! it totally made worth all the months of work we've put there =D

i hope you guys enjoy it!

Sima Yi, Nu Wa
Sima Yi
9 years ago

Lyel Congrats . Beautiful costumes !

* Ichigo * BISNAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Oh I'm so happy for you Mauricio !! And Monica is so sexy my gosh, I wanna glomp her ! You both are beautiful ! Shiny bisnaga costumes ! Hey we need to keep in touch, is been so long I didn't have any news from you, my dear ! Let's meet again in Nagoya 4 years lafter the first time, okay ? XDDD

Minako Aino Amazing costumes! The props especially look awesome!

skinnyAZN Congrats! And lovely cosplays!

Ryo-ga Saine. So Beautiful!