Journey's End.

Journey's End.

Myself as Fire Nation Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Photo taken by the ever-talented Amanda [Elemental] at Otakon 2009. Construction notes can be found at my DeviantART:

Suki [Fire Nation]
Avatar: The Last Airbender
10 years ago

firewolf Wow! Extremely awesome Suki!! =O Your costume looks nicely constructed, and the wig looks great, too! =D

Cobaltcloud Nice! The details are spot on and I love how the fabrics even look perfect for it. What's the material? (I'm interested in doing a FN Katara)

Zhenya Wow, you make such a beautiful Suki! *_* Very well done!

SailorGaia All of your costumes have such an earthy yet exquisite quality to them; always so thought out with a variety of different fabrics in many shades and tones. I love devouring at all the details and this is no exception! :D

alice jadis Very awesome dress! I'm impressed.. I always did like Suki.. ♥ *_*

RikuGurl WOW :D You did such an amazing job!! I just can't help but to ask where you got your wig and how on earth you styled it? :O You make a spectacular Suki! 8D