the Sunsets

the Sunsets

A photo taken by NagiNaoe101! she got an AWESOME Shot during a photoshoot and I really wanted to share it all with you! She got some awesome other shots and when I get off my butt I'll show them off

Cain Nightlord
Trinity Blood
Cain Nightlord
Cain Nightlord
8 years ago

PrincessDominique23 That is impressive^^ he lighting and camera angle is just awesome

Bloody Kaycee Nice lights!!! Gives a more angelic feature hehehe...

Uchiha Sakura Very awesome shot! draws out the character that is Cain :3

AliceLocket The lighting looks simply magical <33

stav Awesome*.*

Shokora No matter how angelic you look, I know that true evil lies within....XD AWESOME shot!!!!!

silent_dreaming Wow, this is an awesome photo! The lighting is spectacular!

Blood_Sword Wow, the lighting really does wonders to this photo! SO COOL!! *-*

Sephirayne This is an epic photo. Love it.