Futch from Suikoden

Futch from Suikoden

This is my Futch costume. First worn at Midwinter Fair 2004 (The Netherlands) I fully handsewn this costume, took me suuuuch a long time ^^;

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13 years ago

Saria Yaay! ^__^ You look awesome!

ilovegackt Omg!!! you rule!! Yeah for Suikoden Cosplayers!!

Linal-Chan Mike! It looks great XD

yukitoLeonheart I dig this costume so much, you also make me think of the fact that the new one is coming out next week I think

Sami You make an AWESOME Futch!! :D Great job!!

yesod oh wow... hand sewn... that must have taken PATIENCE! *.* it looks really great ^_^

jess_85 WOOOOOOOOW! Your Futch costume came out sooooooooooo great^^ I can't believe you sewed all of that by hand *gasps* That's just InSaNeLy awesome xD Love the ears too! W00t W00t<:o)

Aya_Yuuhi Awwww looking cute again as Futch ^.^ Well done as always.

Your_Rain FUTCH~! Neeeeeeat~! You need a cute little Bright dragon plushie~! ^^ Very good costume.

Blue Sasarai yay miki! ^^ so glad to see your futch finally done! i wanted to see how it was coming along for a while X&gt; what did u end up making the headpiece out of? looks awesome *cheers* great job!!

Miki-san Thanks everybody ^_^ @Your_Rain: Yeah, it would be soooo cool to have a dragon plushie! i so should see about getting one. @Blue Sasarai: i made the headpeace out of some leftover fabrics the 'ears' were made from a few pieces of crafting foam, some painted gold ^_^

Tsumanne Rockin. Never seen anyone do Futch.

Chino-San Hawtness

Dante-chan Love your costume! I think the fins are my favorite part! You look just like him. ^^ Great job.

Caffeinated That's such a great costume ^^ Nice to see other Suikoden cosplayers around =D Is that Futch from I or II?

Miki-san This costume was based on the Suikoden II artwork. ^^

mortemer i love thouse ear things 0_o !

naokyi ahh I love that one too !!! suikoden (l) ^^

Beastblood So~ cute~ I rellay luv Futch.