Pegasus J. Crawford

Pegasus J. Crawford
Pegasus J. Crawford / Maximillion Pegasus
maximillion pegasus/ Pegasus J. Crawford
Maximillion Pegasus/ Pegasus J. Crawford
8 years ago

neo-devil words could not discribe this ! awesome photoshop-work as well ^^/

usakou looks great^^

Muten WOW!

stav Wow, that's awesome*.*

Meruz You look so fierce!! I'm loving it!

Earthychan That is freaken awsome!!!

DOLLIFIEDmay Words don't exist to describe this; quite possibly the greatest Pegasus picture ever! 8D

Ramonachan Beautiful photo!!! You make up is stunning!!!

zuum woow. O__O you're awsome! Best Pegasus I've seen.. -love the way you styled you wig.. OwOb


ninja_cookie oO BEST.PEGASUS.EVER

Dacia I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this! you're absolutely amazing for doing this cosplay and doing it incredibly good! <3

Zetra This is just epic, there so many screenshots of him like this. You make such a handsome Pegasus! Congratulations on the showcase image. :)

Erika Flores really cool. great job

Ninnu-chan Wow, freaking amazing Pegasus cosplay!

die-sama holy bejeesus, F* YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Vani GORGEOUS! The makeup is absolutely stunning!!!

Tazzy_ Nice work! My word, your makeup is stellar.

Kyte27 WOW!! Such nostalgia, THIS is Pegasus J. Crawford without a single doubt!

Cosmokei O my goodness ...overload...just stunning/breath taking/amazing/gorgeous/jaw dropping PERFECT.

akaisha0 OMFG YES! I saw this out of the corner of my eye and thought nothing of it..but then that little glint of gold and I was like "....wait..did they?..OMG THEY DID!" Thank goodness! This IS Pegasus J. Crawford quoting Kyte27.

Tsukin_Moon Holy crap this Pegasus cosplay is amazing. Awesome job


hedgehog92 ...Why do I think of David Bowie when I see this picture?

Saphire_Stones wow, beautiful

darkraigirl AWSOMESAUCENESS!!!!! if that word exists! lol man very nicely done

Bunnjamin it's no wonder this is a showcase obviously rocked it....i'm a litle disappointed in the orientation, but this is for sure an epic win....great job on the eye! i can't believe i knew what you were before i saw the titles... comment my sandwraith and prince of persia! mlar latrix

damsellexo The most amazing Pegasus ever!

AnimefestChii Soooo cool!

Satou OMG, wow! This Pegesus is simply AMAZING. xD

Sephirayne Wow! Fantastic photo and cosplay. Great job.

Chiisanahime Ohhh~ menacing <3

Hopie Congrats on the showcase photo! But jeez, fantastic Pegasus!! I love the eye!

brucer007 Nice catch-light in the eye.

MiiCosplay : D i so jealous jess. good job! ! !

Nutcracker This is SO HOT!! You did amazing on everything!! And congratulations on getting showcased!! :D

ViciouS.Creep Your make up is PERFECT. <33

Peroxide First thing that came to mind was David Bowie in The Labyrinth. Nice work, it's hot.

lunaladyoflight This makeup makes me very happy.

Vince Noir Thats a lot of photoshopping.

AkumuNokami OwO I'm so happy you did this! You even did an awesome job!

zosma The make-up is amazing. Great job on this.

Sommo_Ansem incredible!!!

MissDragonblade God, it's been a few days with this as a showcase photograph now, and I find myself continuing to come back and looking at it. It's absolutely stunning, even though it's a very simple concept and image. The makeup is impeccable, and your expression (or lack thereof) just *stays* with you. ._. This is easily my current favourite yugioh cosplay image. (And that includes my own, mind you! x'D)

RadRage Oh Mah gosh! you look amazing!! I almost died when I saw this on the showcase! oh my lord! I'm about to pass out you look fantastic! Holy look amazing...i need to sit down! xD You ARE Pegasus. *swoons*

double00beaver Wow! I have never seen a Pegasus cosplay and this just blows my mind.

Foxtale neat photoshop

la_espada I'm not that familiar with the character but it looks really good :)

AngrySeafoodKun I REALLY have got to askyou how you went about doing this makeup..I love how it turned out and I can totally see you used highlighting and shading to your advantage! U just love how sharp your eyes look

Orchid awesome passum!