S/w/e/d/i/s/h: Narciso_
F/i/n/l/a/n/d: shirakami
Photographer: Shingo

Alwayzbored The love the blending of blues in this photo. *-*

usakou beautiful^^

KlOvEr amazing *-*

Chiisanahime Wow, this photograph is beautiful *A*

Sakura Efreet So pretty!! Lovely photo.

*E_S_M* kawai!

Codename Otacon Love this shot.

Kyte27 Amazing, truly amazing!

Dira-Chan so a beautiful pic!

Kisalyn Love the blue!

CosplayerGabi Beautiful shot. The framing is so nice and the blues are exquisite.

goldenrodfairy Aww. Finland and Sweden! Very cute!

SpeakOfFiction This is gorgeous.

Siary-chan omg!!! soo lovely

Nayara Aw, lovely idea. &#9829; <3

Little_Marin That's beautiful. What a lovely shot you've taken.

shirakami To all: Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much~ I love this picture, too~ It was once my wallpaper of my mobile phone for more than 5 months~ Thank you Shingo as the photographer and the picture designer~~~

Ninnu-chan It's so beautiful *__*