The Kusakabe Family from "Totoro"

The Kusakabe Family from "Totoro"

Here's an old cosplay pic of my family that I found. We did this particular cosplay set for our kids.

I later found a solid-color blue dress which looked more in keeping with the anime. "Mrs. Kusakabe" is sooooo out-of-character for me, LOL...

The kids outgrew those costumes quite a while ago, and this set has been retired.

The Kusakabe Family
14 years ago

Ginny Oh my! That is too adorable! *love*

Asmaria Oh wow! You make me wanna go back and watch that movie again XD What an awesome cosplay group.

rox_my_sox kekeke awsome coolness!

Lilybit I love that movie, what a clever idea, very cute ^___^

Mekou This picture makes me happy inside! ^_^

Hitomi chan BUAAAAAAAAAAAAA T_T That's so nice!!!!!!!!!! I want to marry and have kids just to take this kind of pictures!!!!! T____T you all look so beautiful!!

Maryssa eeee how perfect ^_^

Pikacello CUUUTE!!!!! ::dies::

laerry Now that's a great family cosplay!

MemoriesofYuna awww your such a perfect cosplay family! ^.^ -Aseret Yuna

Jaina Solo *Cries* I LOVE Totoro! It was my first Miyazaki experience... This is so great!!!

Ren-Ren That's so perfect! I love it :D

Tenjou that's so adorable ^-^

Lady Morwen Oh my god, I grew up watching this movie, and you guys are so cute!! ^_^

liddo-chan what a lovely family portrait! ^________^ Now I have the Totoro song in my head!

scandia KAWAII!!!!! You resemble them SO MUCH!

Chishio I love your costumes!! they're just like the one's from the movie! ^___^

Vicky DAMN I think your family was made for that shot ^^

Sasuke-Hime omg I loooove that!

Dokudel Great anime, and I cant believe you got the whole family to do this cosplay! Great job! You guys look like the characters. ^_^

L Wintergreen This made me smile because the character designs are so basic yet so recognisable. Your family is lovely.

Queen Anime 99 OMG. You have the cutest family ever. ^_^

anduin! It's so cute, it think I'm ganna puke (Rhymes!) But, that's the most adorable idea ever. I wish my family would copslay with me. I could imagine it being alot of fun!

Rukia_Kurosaki That is so cute!!! It's the perfect family portrait to show your children when they have children of their own. Great job! I have to go watch the movie agin now.

Hitokiri Kenshin Aww. Cute.

QueenNerd111889 wow,the older daughter looks soo much like my niece!! niece is 3,but still she looks like she should be my Raven's older sister or something!Amazing. If she still looks similar to that,facewise,she'd make a really good Ofelia from Pan's labyrinth...just a thought,lol Great photo/costumes.

Sakura Efreet What a beautiful family!

Shmee That is so cute...oh my god <3

kuronekochan KYAAA! So cute~! *squeee* And even better it's a whole family cosplay!! *faints from pure bliss*

thetollofdeath Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~! This is so adorable! You seriously are a role model of mine! Introducing your children to cosplay~ :3

princemercury1 WOW *_*