A modern Cinderella

A modern Cinderella

Me as George Koizumi
Alice as Yukari Hayasaka

from Paradise Kiss

I LOVE George! Since 2006 i've been willing to cosplay as him, because i can see much of me in the character, from the job to the way to face things =]

Thanks Alice for join me as Yuukari =] i've work on minnor details of her costume, such as the braids, flowers, headdress, necklace, ring and gloves (ok i just didn't sew the dress itself lolz)
hope you guys enjoy

George Koizumi, Yuukari Hayasaka
Paradise Kiss
George Koizumi
10 years ago

KunoichiAme OHMIGOSH. I love Paradise Kiss and you two look stellar as George and Caroline! :] you suit the characters so well I love the detail on the dress and how you put George's outfit together

stav OMG, you both look so beautiful!*0*