head against the sky;

head against the sky;

Taken at Nekocon 2009.

Lina Inverse
Lina Inverse
9 years ago

J Ryoga Wow, haven't seen a Slayers cosplay in forever. Very nice job.

Flowery This is such a clean-cut costume! You make a great Lina!

Ninja4ever Beautifull loved it. and the costume is very good too! ;)

Bur Loire OMGGGGGGGGG you make such a great Lina! I'm sad I didn't get to see this in person at NekoCon D:

Erika Flores so cool very nice pic

Avianna The construction of this costumes is very neat and clean. Its truly amazing!

Gloha_h Oh my gosh! Old School Slayers! You make an epic Lina!! :)

Mehdia Great Lina cosplay! I wish I could say that more often^^

Mikachu Wow, Lina Cosplayers seem to making a comeback with a Vengeance ;] And as everyone has said before, Lovely construction of the costume itself :]

Dust Bunny This is such a beautiful costume, the seams are so neat and crisp. I love the color of the wig. You did a great job!

Miyazawa_Lulu You're such a perfect Lina, beautiful and clean costume and awesome shot! :3

LadyoftheThread Very nice cosplay! I love how bright the colors look in the photo. :-)

Master Zero Looks great.