standoff in the rain

standoff in the rain

one of my favorite shots from Doug The-Real-Link

Lady Muramasa Woah, this is a good solo action shot. Awesome job assembling Leon's OJ gear! I cannot find those pants to save me life! Once again awesome! Oh and I need to buy a wii. XD

Forcebewitya Just search Tiger stripe camo on google and you'll find em all over the place! They arent 100% accurate since it seems like Leon's only have black and green pattern on them but they work nice I think.

-sarah- Wooh, Leon! *fan girl squeal XD* Great shot! :D

BlitzFox All kinds of badass! You look amazing and did such an epic job with the outfit, especially in such a short time frame before the game was released! Well done indeed!! =D

seawaterwitch OMG!!! So much alike with the game ^^ You look like you are coming out from the movies. I wont be surprised if I see your name on the credit tittle XD

Captain Planet Nice Leon! Looks like the shot was taken during the shooting of a movie or something. Good stuff!

Forcebewitya Thanks