Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku
Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Love is War
9 years ago

tyurru I love your cosplay, I love VOCALOID !!!

Chergnomebyl Beautiful

CocoW 707 BEAUTIFUL! You're so pretty! The pic is sooooo perfect! I'm very impressed! <3

Sevolf This is beautiful ^_^

Naxel Epic photo!

Pillow-chan Wow! this is fantastic; this picture blew me away.

Sley Stringingly awesome!

Nodoka Awesome! You look so wondefull!!!! *___*

Sakura Efreet Love this picture!

Kyte27 Gorgeous! Simply magnificent, I love this so much!!

*E_S_M* so amazing!!!! your photo must be "showcase"!!!

Hinote_Ichimaru This is so gorgeous! wow when I saw this picture I immediately thought "Why isn't this in the showcase area?" it really should be. Amazing job!

Kirae It's just so perfect !

Rikku-chan simply gorgeous photography and wonderful rendition of the character!

Kirana Oh my xDD Sorry my bad english. I'm so happy that my first cosplay is successful. Thank you all. I'm so grateful! *___* Photographer did great job! ^___^

lovexviolet Absolutely beautiful!

Nexer you are so beauty!!!!!!!!!!! *o* i love your cosplay a lot!!! (L)(L) i can wait to see your next one >.<

Snow-Storm so far the best Miku I've seen ^^

Rosalae This is terribly, terribly beautiful.

Siemari You are an INCREDIBLE Miku &#730;u&#730; <3

Domin-eau Makes me feel insecure about my own cosplay! ;-; Love the megaphone, and you're so beautiful!! Where are your headphones though??

yenza oh my goodness. this picture is absolutly amazing. everything looks so perfectly beautiful.

char99char Amazing! It is really beautiful and suits you well. :)

Nexitah-IL Oh God... This might be the best Miku cosplay I've ever seen... And the way the photo was taken...GOSH! It's so AMAZING! *-*

Y2K_Kat AMAZING cosplay :)

Crazy-Frog &#1076;&#1091;&#1078;&#1077; &#1085;&#1103;&#1096;&#1085;&#1086;)

CourtoonXIII This is so interesting and fun!! Great composition!

twins so cute miku *3*

DynamiteiSei Wow that is awesome!

ninja_cookie epic photo is epic.

maggifan what a wonderful shot!!

Chiisanahime Love your wig in this shot!

*E_S_M* What did I say? Your photo should be showcase, and now it's showcase XDDDD

ultimaaa I adore this picture! I'm so happy it got showcased, such a wonderful cosplay and an amazing photo. :)

Jokerok This cosplay EXCELLENT

nekofruit This is amazing. Really. Best first time cosplay I've ever seen. *o*

ToroSonyCat ive seen this on deviantart before, amazing!

brucer007 Great form of moving hair. Nice composition and post color effects. Who was the photographer?

Zhelly I just knew this would get showcased someday. x'3 Congrats to you and Kira Winter for the amazing photo!!

Jokerok Kawaii ^^

Sachie Simply gorgeous!

Vani GORGEOOOOUS shot! The colors are fantastic~~ and the flowing hair! <3

AnimeLoverChan i really LOVE the way your wig looks in the picture you have a very pretty face and your cosplay is the bomb!

Raver4Ever OMG! I LOVE IT!!! Where did you get the bull horn?!?!

Sakura87 Nice picture!

thaliaNeko hi! OMG! you are incredible!! its so beutifull the photo and your cosplay its so really nice n_n am.. sorry for my bad english xP

Bunnjamin love the arm work...love the coswork...love the WORK! you did very well. comment my prince of persia and sanwraith! mlar latrix

tifaia Wonderful photography. The image is just magical and brings your costume more to life. ^^

carladawn Such an awesome shot and amazing costume. :]] I can't believe this is your first one!! :D Is that silly string? :p

Krystel-chan AAAhh you are reallu mikuuu!!