Athel as Bankai Abarai Renji

Athel as Bankai Abarai Renji

*We are NOT the cosplayers! We are just the photographers!*

Cosplayer: Athel
Costume: Bankai Abarai Renji from Bleach
Photographer: Rikku-chan of TotallyToasty

**SHOWCASED - 1/16/2010** Thanks for all the comments!!

Bankai Abarai Renji
Athel as Bankai Abarai Renji
9 years ago

Ashurachan Nice shot !

NiixSama This is pure epicness. 0_0 I absolutely LOVE it.

sonteen12 This is a really great and powerful shot!! I was amazed when I saw her costume in person. ^^

Kirakishou7 Too amazing!!!!

Ana-chan oh my god O.O

*E_S_M* yeeeeah! Bleach finally showcased!!

Zaid Great shot Rikku-chan! and definitely a great cosplay.

Mamo&Theta whoa the face of the bankai is so cool

lunaladyoflight I'm glad one of your pictures is finally showcased :D

InkyLink Great job! This is such a good shot! I'm glad you finally got showcased, you're so deserving!

Temari_Moon1 Wahh!! No way!! Totally awesomeness!! Love this, totally deserved the showcase -favs-

akuriko Freaking amazing photo!! It's about time one of your photos was showcased! <3

Crystalike Girl you deserved the showcase! I love this photo so much! <3

Summoner-Yuna9 This is an amazing shot! Congrats! :)

seshi_ria AMAZING! *O*

Miyuka Grats for the showcase Rikku &#9829;!!!

TotallyToasty Thanks everyone for the comments!! This is crazy! =)

Spooky Elric That is all kinds of amazing. The cosplayer did a phenomenal job on the costume and you did a phenomenal job taking the photo<3

Hitokiri Kenshin Pretty cool costume and picture.

Haruhi_Fujioka_ Amazing!!!

FullMetal191 Awesome shot!!

mirrorsaber I remember seeing this at Otakon. This was epic!

Forcebewitya yay so glad you got showcased!

`Difficile I saw this on the front page and just SHAT MYSELF SILLY. CONGRATUATIONS, ARIELLE!!!!

Hiyoko-chan YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! I'm so happy both Ari got her amazing skilled photography AND Anthel to get her insanely awesome Renji showcased!

exclibur731 XDD AWESOME!!!!!

Dazzle chan YAY Ari~!!!

okageo Wow the prop look badass and the cosplay too

Lady Saea Fantastic! :-O

Hopie Congrats on the photo showcase!

brucer007 I like the low angle and the diagonal lines in the background. The red hair really stands out nicely from the blue sky and neutral colors.

-BlackRaven- omfg that's not only an amazing coplay but the shot is totaly awesome as well :3

lilaznfreak Amazing much? The cosplayer and Photo are just beautiful! Good job in capturing it all ^^

Daisya_naru Amo su cosplay *o*

NytenGale GOOOOOOO!!

Alwayzbored Beautiful shot! :D