Golden Kittygirl
Golden Kittygirl
9 years ago

Eurobeat King very nice, H. ^_^ is this new or an older-costume of yours? it's lovely!

fightstar Love the scenery in the back ground with this costume. Classy!

chloeandthehawk I love this one.

ERICTHEDIRECTOR This is a great pic of your Golden Kittygirl cosplay. The cosplay itself is a very awesome design but you look AMAZING in it.

Champuro You always make the best catgirls! I LOVE those spikes!

LKD I love it! OMG! Your hips! I love this shot!

Leradny I adore the half-print! Also, your figure is totally amazing and I want it SO MUCH.

-Nayami- I really love the setting for this picture, because I could imagine a real cat in that same spot. Makes for great photography. The costume is also well-made, especially the fit.

mr-kobayashi This is so sexy and so rawr! xD

so lyke raaawr You're my favorite cat girl, I love the way you did the costume with the half print, so cute!<3

TMLiza Wow, this is an amazing cat girl design. ^_^

KitoCosplay You make such a great catgirl >^_^<