Elegant Gothic Whatever

Elegant Gothic Whatever

Another view on that EGA I said I'd never cosplay. :P

There seems to be a rule that EGA / EGL must never smile. Bonus points for looking REALLY bored.

14 years ago

Lillyxandra You pull it off extremely well! I want to see more Karisu-sama EGA!

Nelene-chan You are so beautifull *_*

Ryo-sama yes, looking bored = looking elegant... HAHA! you look stunning! the colors (hair/dress)work really well together! ^__________^

Juu-Sama eeek! the prettiness...^^ *huggles huggles* ^^ wow....and the photo quality.....*drools....*....wow...yesh yesh we need to see more karisu-sama EGA cosplay ne ne!!!!

yayahan You are SO beautiful! Especially in this costume! *happy sigh*

Eleryth Love the hair! And the shirt sleeves. How did you do those? They're beautiful! (I have a thing for puffy sleeves...) Gorgous skin, too. I wish I could look like you NOW, let alone when I'm eventually a mom. You look great.

BlueLady jeanie and I agree you make a hot and awesome EGL. You have the facial expression down pat!

Senko-chan Very nice photo quality, beautiful dress, beautiful make up, beautiful you! ^-^ you're my hero! ^-^

Countess Lenore So Beautiful! Where did you get your corset? It looks a lot like something from Casta Diva. Well, it's very pretty (I love corsets) and the parisol completes everything. Awesome job!

liddo-chan gorgeous colors, and yes, you do look quite "whatever" ;) YOu just need to be holding your hand up with finger in a "W'... heehee.

YunalescaSummon oh, this is my favorite costume of yours. it's GORGEOUS!

CrimsonMayu You're beautiful!! *__*

Angel Tifa So beautiful ^^!

DiabloDiabolic i know its kinda late for a comment, but you look beautiful. very nice

penny_dreadful I'm completely enamored of the fabric on your corset.

Vicky wow you have a great face *_*

Saaski_Moql That corset is georgous.

Mirusu I like it a lot..

Dokudel I love your wig, it looks so real. I love the look your giving. It gives the picture a lot of attitude. ^_^

mrskalal Every costume you make is AMAZING.

SaChan This costume is fabulous...I love the corset...and you have INCREDIBLE facial features! Absolutely gorgeous all around.

Space Lion I love the color scheme. Very nice!