This world is mine

This world is mine

Photo is 100% real, background, me, and "earth". It was a hard work to make and edit this shot fom me and mad.cre.cha. So, everybody who can't do such job, please stop to envy and slandering us! It really upset me to tears and photographer was in bad mood too. Thanks.

Light Yagami
Death Note
Light Yagami
Death Note/Light Yagami
9 years ago

sting57 wow, this pic is epic!

UnnamedUnknown Oh wow... such an amazing photo

Kat/Dj Topaz your photos of death note are awesome!!!!!! you look so cute in all of them >.<

ShiroChaan Composites can get featured?

Core wow! amazing photo!

seshi_ria WOW!!! *-*

CuteMichiyo sooooooo epic! *___*

Foxtale God damn that's brilliant

Cytanin The phot is awesome...but Light isn't from Soul Eather, he is from Death Note ;)

Imperia &#1072;&#1081;&#1085;&#1101;&#1085;&#1101;!)))))))

1tachi okay, officially one of the best light cosplay's I'v seen.

pollyxpockett awesome picture!

Pet Frey omg sooooo fucking cool *--*

angelkawaii The background is awesome!

Broken Zebra D: I hate you, only because I am so jealous!! Brilliantly done, you're awesome. &#1042;&#1077;&#1083;&#1080;&#1082;&#1080;&#1081; &#1088;&#1072;&#1073;&#1086;&#1090;&#1072;

Prince Alexiel wonderful!


Pirategirl916 such an epic shot!!! it looks awesome!

Winter's Dream Wo0t!!!

Mallory OMG I LOVE YOU! :D

Hikaru-Jan Sweet!

fozzness perfect.

LeanaMee101 oh my...O.O all i can do is stare..

Subaru-camui cool!!! its soooo dark

ninja_cookie overwhemed by awsomeness =O

StarsOfCassiopeia Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous! The setting is perfect for Light, and it really shows his demeanor! Beautiful job! :)

MiyazakiYuuki14 awesome pic! i love it ^_^

Allyieh Where was this photo taken? It's beautiful!

Tallus I love how it says photoshopped images aren't allowed to be submitted to the galleries, and yet this CLEARLY shooped image is being featured. Please post the original pictures and style the hair better...quite honestly I don't see anything that great about this image. Light's hair isn't so long that his bangs completely cover his eyes, anyway. If not for the description I would've had no idea it was supposed to be him.

princesskairih This is really amazing! The photography and cosplay is really awesome! :)

Kakera&#12398;Tsuki Freaking amazing photo *___*

usakou awesome^^

JZH Yay!!!!

livvylove wow so beautiful

carladawn Amazing photo! Congrats on the showcase! I love the scenery you chose.

Rima4an09 Ah-maze-ing! =]

DieForHonor such a cute light ^^

Liz Shepherd This is awesome.

Lucid_Enigma This picture is amazing! :]

silent_dreaming WOW, this is fantastic!

JournalismWest I'm agree with Tallus' notion. The mindless compliments shows what coscom has been reduced to. Until I looked over at the right panel, I thought this was supposed to have been something from Twilight. Give the atmosphere and floating ball.

Hinote_Ichimaru This is oh so very amazing!

YumiYumi &#1050;&#1088;&#1091;&#1090;&#1086;&#1086; *&#1054;*

Liarsenicxx Nice shop.

Harl Who approved this photo to be featured?

VIII of XIII I've seen quite a few shops in my time, and I hate to say it, but some of these pixels...

Kate-yoru waow.... great photo!!*-* i love it!! <333

AlexiaEquus wow o.O cooooowl

Combo holy shit, freakin amazin