original Mermaid
9 years ago

Lostkingdom Remarkable! where on earth did you shoot this?

ley yamaguy WOW! no words can describe! wonderful! pretty fantastic

Muten Very cool location! You look fantastic!

Meli beautiful!

silvver what a pretty location ^ ^

Little-White-Birdcage Very Beautiful ^^

usakou lovely^^

Juusan Oh my! This is beautiful!

Yunie48 So beautiful ! *__*

_aires_ Fantastic *____*

SuWan This is really lovely ^ ^

AkihabaraCospla Gorgeous photo location!

MinoS-Chan awsome *_*

myzkyti うわ~! きれいな! すごいのところでしゃしんをとる! すてき... :3

alishazn3 ah! my dream cosplay! so gorgeous~

Isadora Breathtaking picture and awesome costume!

miiyu wow! Amazing *_* Really great!

Relena989 Breathtaking!!

UnnamedUnknown Wow, what a shot and cosplay

Celcia Amazing! Really beautiful!

brucer007 I have words for this....Everything about this photo is first class...Elegantly detailed costume, pretty model, graceful pose, great location, excellent portrait lighting, cool blue coloring, and a slow shutter to make the water look so soft and dreamy.

AlexiaEquus woooooooooooooow o.O

Miss_misa AWESOME!

CosplayerGabi Wow, just wow. You don't see something like this often. Such a lovely setting.

ExileFayt absolutely breath taking, the shoot location is amazing!

Amarie Incredible photo! You look like you belong there!

Domin-eau Uwaaaah!!!!! O_O!! Such a beautiful picture! I thought it was all CG at first!! o.o Beautiful... beautiful....

*E_S_M* that's so amazing! She looks like a real mermaid and the background is just...I cannot describe o_o!

LaviChan Amazing...memorizing! Amazing Shot and cosplay. =D

Ayalice 完璧な

MisatoNpenpen oh wow *.*

littlemoonywolf that is freakin sweet.

Milady very lovely photo; the setting is really awesome :D

codeouran Looks amazing!

Vani I love mermaids more than anything~ You look absolutely gorgeous and this photo is beyond STUNNING!!!!! *0* Amazing...!! I am at a loss for more words... <3<3<3

Kimikotan Epic! Love it!

J Ryoga Marvelous! Absolutely breathtaking!

Rose of Battle Wow! That is one heck of a dream shot!

mimicake beautiful

Chocobo chic omg this is ooooo pretty!

Ansatsusama Oh! beautiful!

so lyke raaawr This is stunning! I love the color of the beautifull scales and the location! How unique!<3

Mikka&#9734; ahhh this is amazing! *A*

Shigatsu-Neko omg your amazing . where did you shoot this , its beautiful , as are you :]

Mallory This looks so fake.

Hikara Irino &#12377;&#12372;&#12356;wwwww

mousegirl wow beautiful!!

princemercury1 Truly amazing *_*

Hikaru-Jan Breathtaking!

angelkawaii This is beautiful!