Friday Night Costume Contest

Friday Night Costume Contest

This is when we were showing off the spinning drill arm. The noise the crowd made when that thing fired up was spectacular!

My "Little Sister" is Azzurra

Big Daddy
Big Daddy
9 years ago

Sarcasm-hime This was just freakin' AWESOME.

NiGHTmaren This costume FLOORS me with how amazing it is. I really hope you are at AWA with this so I can see it in would make my day.

B.o.H. Amazing work!!!

lunaishtar OMG! That is just so AWESOME!! Congratulations on the great job!

AnimatedPoison Caught a brief clip of the drill arm in action on youtube. Really impressive work!

negativedreamer this photo does this costume no justice. It was awesome seeing in person and i REALLY apreciate all the insight and help you gave me on your techniques. You are one of the best cosplayers out there ever.

KurenaiYuuhi Oh my god... That´s one of the best costumes I´ve ever seen!

Rinakat best mr. bubbles/big daddy that ive seen!! really impressive do you mind telling me what you used for the helmet? and sorta how you made it? im going to be making a big sister from bioshock 2 and im trying to figure out how to do the helmet

-sarah- AMAZING! That is awesome. :D

spardalives This is without any doubt the best cosplay i have ever seen well done