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Photo Credit: Jason Holmes Photography (

Thanks Jason for the awesome pix! (More to come...)

Kingdom Hearts
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
10 years ago

LKD I like how you do your make-up for her :D You do look younger x3

SAN_CHAN omg cool pic

Crystalike oh man, I love your poofy skirt!

Aer Arcanum Wow, love your costume, and love the picture! Great setting!

KurenaiYuuhi Wow, great costume and amazing location

cloudwarrior such a kool pic ^________^

carladawn I looooove this! You are amazing Traci! I am being Alice for Halloween and I hope my dress comes out as amazing as yours.

bossep64 The best Alice I have seen, ever. I love your poofy skirt. It is also that your dress has become small but not your petticoat. You are thinking OMG - what is happening. I bet you love this costume?

Francesca C. i absolutely love this photo!i amde my alice version too but yours is like...perfect!!i admire you so much!

bossep64 You have managed to get action in the photo!