Encroaching Advent

Encroaching Advent

Quite a while ago, someone on c.com asked what the back of this costume looked like, and I meant to post this picture, but totally forgot! D:> So here it is, the only back-shot (that I know of) that exists of this costume! Ooooooh all of that beading on the trim...such a pain in the ass...one day I will get around to posting decent close-ups of all of that crap...

BUT NOW, I swear to God, this is the last photo I'm posting of this costume (at least in this form). After I've redone the armor and wig and finished...dun dun dun...the cloak, there may be more. Some day. If I ever finish the beading (yes, there's more, how could it be?!) D:>

Costume by me
Photo by EurobeatKing at Ohayocon 2009

Princess Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
9 years ago

Korinchan Guh, your Zelda is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad I was able to see it in person at ACen. ^^

Kalylia Zomg. You win. Congratulations.

Braithcakes this is possibly one of the most beautiful costume designs of zelda I've ever seen

Rikku-chan BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!! Everything I want to say has been said a THOUSAND times about this amazing costume but....I can't WAIT to see your revamped version! oh man =D

lunaishtar Your Zelda costume is truly gorgeous, you look very beautifull and noble with it. Congratulations! Oh and I know the pain about all the beading, but it's worth it ^^

HimeZelda LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! ^____^

cloudwarrior EPIC!! ^w^

Hiyoko-chan as if this whole cosplay hasn't blown my mind to smitherines already, your revamp and adds are gonna obliterate every fragment of my existence! LOL!! XD in other words.. AWESOME. XD

The-Real-Link I'll just agree with everything above. Like we shouldn't be surprised that you have even MORE beading to do :) Gorgeous.

Lady Tyrona yay! Finally some more pictures of your cosplay! Love that you choose a picture from the back. I was quite curious myself how it would look like. And it looks ace! XD Now you only have to post some pics indeed of all the detailed beading! (soon? *bats eyes*)

Albel-Nox I was waiting for a back-shot. And OMG its epic. And now i cant wait for an detaild picture *___*

Crys Amazing!! You are Zelda!! Every detail of your dress is beautiful ♥ =^ 3 ^= ♥

PikminLink amazing! Are you beading the cloak too? D: so much work, but it looks so great!

mirrorsaber You are amazing! I hope one day I can see this in person.

negativedreamer looking spectacular

shadowsage Wow! O.O Absolutely beautiful!

Forcebewitya Cant wait to see the cloak!

lunaladyoflight I don't know if I can say enough how fantabulous you are :)

Sakura_CC This is absolutely beautiful!!! <3

ViviFlowright Great costume! I'd like to take pictures with you!

Amirine This is sooo amazing!!! I love it! *Gets motivated to work harder* Especially the text on your top looks good. *-* Do you still have your reference pics for that? I would love to have them, because I`m working on a Zelda too and I want to do right. :) Well if you want to share, please PM! :)

violentadd what did you use for references for the 'writing' on the back of the bodice?

crazytabbix Hey there, could i ask where you got the pattern for this dress from?> heeh! thank you, xxxx