Meet the Sisters...

Meet the Sisters...

Hehe.. Many people asked if there is a Lethe, too! Yes! I made the Lethe-dress for my friend! ^^ I am really sorry, that the wigs are wrong. I will make new Photos when we have the prple wigs. >_<; Hope you like it!

Sailor Mnemosyne & Sailor Lethe
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mnemosyne
10 years ago

Usagi x Oh, oh... Both pretty! Well done!

rivvychica OMG I love it! I really want to do this cosplay one day in the future. you've inspired me :)

Dewy Those are so cute! *_* Go unknown Sailor Moon cosplay! :O I'm gonna do one of Rei's crows in the future. ^.^

Lilybit I'm surprised more people don't do these characters, I always remembered them, for what little time they had T_T Beautiful costumes!

Miki-san oooooooooh, such rare characters to be seen cosplayed, you did a super duper job, can't wait to see it with other wigs (though this allready rocks loads)

Ambrosia You have the most GORGEOUS costumes, sweetie <3

YuffieKeychain aww!!!!! <3

dontmakemeblue great job. one day I want to do one rei crows myself.

Poisonous Intent I love the costumes..and the detailing is amazing..and no matter the wrongness of the wig color, the wigs you have look grougeous and natural..

sailor-moon that is too cute X3 <3

AnimeAngel O... M... F.. G. SO ADORBLE!!!! I want to hug you to death ; ;

Maryssa Oooooh so pretty! I love obscure sailormoon cosplay!!!

Teetah Looks soooo cute! ^^

kyandi-chan i saw the thumbnail and went &quot;OMG SOMEONE COSPLAYED THESE GIRLS!!&quot; i was so happy. mnemosyne and lethe are soooo cool! i love the shoes and i actually didnt remember that their hair was not that color, heehee. so cool!

CosplayerGabi Dude! That is so cool. You posed this so quick. I love little known Sailor senshi. You guys are up there with Sailor Channel and Sailor Gucci in coolness. You both look so pressed and finished. I just adore it.

WingZero2988 I absolutely adore these costumes! You girls did such a great job and I cant wait to see the outfits with correctly colored wigs (even though those look great anyway!)

rhichan Too cute-cute! Me loves!

chibiusa so awesome!! *___* you never see those characters, especially that well done ^.^ amazing job!! <3

SongofAmazon amazing job! that's lovely! I haven't ever seen that pair before either! I can't wait to see those wigs. ^_^

Nelene-chan I adore your costumes !! Sailor Moon has so many beautifull characters to cosplay ^^

bunnybeth Great job on the costumes and it's wonderful you picked out such great characters to cosplay. You both look so cute! ^___^ Yay for SM manga cosplay!

Avian_Firefly awesome hope to see you at a con sometime, awesome job!

White Lotus oooooo!!! Very nice!! I think this is the first cosplay I have seen of these two.

freakyarcher such beautiful villains <3

Masayume You know... the fact that you guys even cosplayed these two senshi, and freakin' well too, I can definitely say I wouldn't even remember that their hair color is different XD I recognized it anyway! You both rule!!

Michela O, rapture: two underappreciated Sailor Moon characters! I adore Lethe and Mnemosyne, and you two have created fantastic costumes to honor them!

Fireflystar FINALLY. hahaha, great job on both!

Ryo-sama woah! did i not comment on this pic!? YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE!! your costumes are wicked awesome! nice done! ^___^

ChicoChan OMGMGMGMG I HAVE NEVER SEEN THEM COSPLAYER BEFORE XD I'm a HUUUGE sailor moon and mythology fan. those costumes are incredible ^_^ nice job!

scandia Those are amazingly cool costumes. I had never seen the twins cosplayed before. Great attention to detail.

Ryu-Ness Wow! I've never seen these two done before. Simply adorable.

Mystic Blossom Those are awesome. You rock for doing that.

ako-chan79 I had no idea what these costumes were from but they are so so cute! Keep up the great work!

Hilary CuteCuteCuteCute!!!! You guys look like retro 60's spacegirl bombshells! Great to see obscure Sailor Moon cosplay! Soooo cute ^^

Mujitsu i enjoy this muchly

UsagiTsukino God job!!! 5 mark! ^_^

AmazonMandy *__________* WOAU you guys look just AWESOME!!

RaineLorie You guys are so amazing *_* I love thoes silver shoes <3 and oh wow these cosplays are just amazing!!!!! great job!

Raidne Forget the wigs, you both look great...

hoshi_kootake Nice, but actually the wigs should be a pale pink color not purple. Amazing job on the Sailor Fukus

palchan WOW!!! I really like this costumes!!! They inspired me to do mey Sailor Leathe costume in the future!!! Soo cute!!!

leahhime The costumes are amazing. Mnemosyne and Lethe are totally underappreciated, good job in doing them justice.

seely amazing *___* really great ^^ and you look so cute!

AoiMizuno soooo cute! I love Mnem & Lethe!!! XD

stolen_valkyrie MANY props to you guys! I have a soft spot for Sailor Moon twin costumes :) Really well done!