Cosplayed by Kiwiwi-chan.

Ranka Lee
Macross Frontier
Macross Frontier: Siblings
9 years ago

neoangelwink so lovely^_^

Adella this is a freaking COOOL photo! It reminds me very much of Gundam Seed actually.. since there was a scene like this with Athrun... sorry that was random. Man this is cool though it sure draws me in :D!

KurenaiYuuhi this shot is so~ beautiful and sad

firewolf @Adella, yeah you're right! It does remind me of that! GS luv! ------ But anyway, this shot is gorgeous! Lovely composition and colors! And so sharp, great atmosphere!

brucer007 I am quite impressed with this shot, photographically. Beautiful composition, colors and shallow focus. The cosplayer's custume colors work very well in this location.

Eurobeat King Lovely picture, Hexlord-san! ^_^ (hope this isn't a spoiler to the series.. hehe)

Hinote_Ichimaru I love this picture, its gorgeous.

Hikaru-Jan Wow! I love it!

Zaid Wonderful shot, great composition.

rina579 Wonderful!

Little-White-Birdcage What an amazing photo :D I love it

CHiNG love it!!!! such a great photo

xkahlan Beautiful!

Meli this is such a beautiful shot! *.*

skinnyAZN Amazing, emotional shot!

Siary-chan beutiful! ^^ amazing shot!!

chenmeicai Whooooaaa! I thought I didn't see this in your DA! I'm like gaaah! Every photo seems new and all are wonderful!!!! This one's ... emotional.

SAN_CHAN so cool pic great job

Tazzy_ So thought provoking~ Just gorgeous!

Archangel486 Despite the perceived meaning of the shot, I am appalled that you would use the hallowed resting ground of our honored fallen brothers-in-arms for this shoot. The location you used is not only a graveyard, but one that bears the remains of the Heroes of this nation. It's not a tourist attraction, and it certainly is not something to be cheapened by using it to show off your costume- I don't care how good it is.

KikyouLuver i just have to ask, is that arlington national cemetery? just a question. GORGEOUS SHOT.....i am so deeply envious!

Tsubasaglz this is just an awesome photo!!!! love the angle, the composition, the cosplay, the scenery, btw, this is a really cool cementery, here in mexico the cementeries are a little more colourfull O.o

etaru Congrats on the showcase! Very well deserved, I love the softness of the shot :)

Janeru-Chan What a beautiful picture :)

ravenmist What a beautiful photo. And so sad. The colors are just amazing. Well done. =)

Yuna-chani beautiful. I like that *-*

livvylove What a beautiful photo.

Orochi X We'll always be a fan of your 'natural' photos ^^ Great job!

Spencer Sisters This one definetly looks very emotional. It's as if it's a still taken directly from a movie. VERY lovely. Thumbs up to both the cosplayer and photographer - you both deserve it.

aznwolverine they're ...dead! wow great expression in this one. honest and beautiful photography

Not a Shrimp awesome shot!

Alwayzbored Very beautiful shot. ^-^

Shuichitan I like the atmosphere in this picture ~ Great cosplay!

RAWRsan pretty! but sad but pretty!

JulianMoore so sad :( the feeling.