This Is Our Journey.

This Is Our Journey.

Miles as Wakka and myself as Lulu from Final Fantasy X. Photo taken by Lionel [lionboogy] at Otakon 2008. I based our costumes off of the Nomura designs, hence the brown fur and slight colour variations. I was so happy to find a faux fur with such depth and texture; $28/yd but well worth it!

Wakka & Lulu
Final Fantasy X
10 years ago

Mayu_chan OMG. You two look just amazing. And you are a gorgeous Lulu. *o*

Mleko Wow you guys both look amazing! =D Like you just popped out of the game.

Riikku Wakka and Lulu!!!!! You look amazing!! *_* Really good job!

Chelseahavoc omg you guys are amazing right from the game =O i love it!

Seiryu perfect!! :D

myo-chan this pic is very amazing!

negativedreamer you both win

Kamimura wooooow wonderful Lulu great Wakka good job *g*

Rikku-chan awesome pair!

Minako Aino You look gorgeous as Lulu! You friend makes an awesome Wakka too!

Ollie Lookin' kinda epic there...

NanaChan The both of you look stunning! And such accuracy .. you could've easily stepped straight out of the game ^^

Vash_Fanatic Beautiful!

StrifyGirl06 Freakin awesome!

The Boss YESSS! FINALLY a GOOD (no, AMAZING) Wakka! Definitely the best Wakka I've seen so far! And Lulu is just lovely, too! Your Lulu is awesome! I love it.

Yuna_sun ohh wooow *___* you two look like you were just jump out of the game^^ i can´t belive your real persons???!!!!! xD its incredible!! i love you two guys :333 your costumes are perfect all the detalis *__* it makes me happy to se cosplayers like you who bring charakters in real life!! thanks so much!! greets Yuni

ichigo-chan7 wow your both so perfect!

Raikynha_Pt Great job!It's perfect!