Pure Heart.

Pure Heart.

Myself as a Yoshitaka Amano version of Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII. Photo taken by Kevin Chan at Katsucon 2009. If you're curious as to the inspiration behind this "Amano Aerith," I suggest poking around my DeviantART: http://cupcake-rufflebutt.deviantart.com. This is a beautiful shot of my wig and the [unfinished] beading on the bolero. What you see here is only a work-in-progress, but I simply had to post a few of the beautiful photos taken at Katsucon. It is always such a treat to work with Kevin, and we braved sub-freezing temperatures for over 30 minutes in order to get a good set. Crazy cosplayers and crazy photographers. We go hand-in-hand, don't we? ^__^

Aerith Gainsborough
Final Fantasy VII
Aerith Gainsborough
10 years ago

Jersey Woow, so beautiful!

angelkawaii This is so pretty!

CelestialAurora So pretty!!! *O* I love your version of Amano Aerith!

EndlessNights Wonderful ♥ Great work...and lovely facial expression *_*

KurenaiYuuhi You´re so pretty!

Lady Tyrona that picture is beautiful! Frost bite worthy!

The~Wind You are gorgeous and did a wonderful job on the costume. Amano is so hard to get right.

Milady very sweet !

tierza89 this is amazing. its gorgeous